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Programmable Feeders

The Auto Easy Feeder is the ultimate in livestock feeding requirements. Old style “Bunk Feeders” have numerous limitations such as over consumption, waste, exposure to the elements as well as wildlife consumption. The Auto Easy Feeder is the answer all ranchers have been looking for!


The Auto Easy Feeder is programmable livestock feeder that utilizes a 12v power source, which is maintained by a solar cell. The Auto Easy Feeder can be programmed to feed up to 80 times per day, with adjustable run-time lengths. The Auto Easy Feeder dispenses different types and sizes of bulk feed, textured-type feed, as well as, cube feed without any adjustment needed – simply load the desired type of feed into the Auto Easy Feeder.

The Auto Easy Feeder is proudly made in America and built to last!

Built with heavy schedule 40 pipe, 3/16 and 14 gauge steel, as well as, a durable powder-coating finish, so that you can rely on the Auto Easy Feeder for years of service. The Auto Easy Feeder comes standard on skids with D-Rings to make pasture changing easy; wheels are available upon request, for an extra charge.

Science has proven that feeding livestock twice a day is beneficial for greater growth performance and health.

Therefore, livestock should be fed once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. Science has also shown that such performance is best when feedings occur at the same time each day that correspond with the lowest environmental heat load in the summer and the coldest conditions of winter.

Sometimes this is difficult due to work schedules, vacations away from home, or inclement weather.

In addition to problems of scheduling and carrying out the recommended twice-daily feedings, many people desire to tend to animals in remote locations and away from their residence. Simply, the amount of work recommended and time required for best results is just not that convenient or economical. When the owner is not available to personally portion out the feed at the predetermined intervals, another person must take over the chore. This method of hand feeding multiple times a day results in great labor and fuel expenses. Take a moment and consider your costs in both the time wasted and labor expenses, as well as, the cost of fuel attributed to the required feedings. The Auto Easy Feeder will take care of feeding your animals, all the while letting you apply your time, talents, and finances to finally get ahead in other areas.

Maximize growth easily, minimize waste.

An additional problem with conventional livestock feeders is the lack of any means for regulating the amount of feed. Such feeders are self-feeding, and more commonly referred to as “free-choice,” as the animals can have all they want. “Free-choice” feeders permit livestock to feed therefrom in an unrestricted manner which results in a considerable wastage of food. The resultant wastage of food also represents an economic loss to the owner.

Salt is frequently used as a management procedure to limit feed intake of livestock by mixing it with the bulk feed. Without salt, livestock will continue to gorge themselves on available feed. However, salt is not a precise regulator of intake since certain animals may tolerate more salt than others and keep eating. It is obvious that the livestock and their by-products will be healthier if feed is managed without the risk of salt toxicity. The Auto Easy Feeder portions out the required feed amounts to achieve the best yields in growth, without having to utilize salt and other limiters.

Further, traditional feeders lack means for protecting the feed from the elements such as rain, snow, etc…, since feed will be in the trough at all times. As a result, feed exposed to the weather absorbs moisture, whereupon it can begin to mold or become unpalatable. Also, the feed will be subject to waste in the form of other wildlife eating the feed, such as feral hogs feasting nightly on your feed.

The AUTO EASY FEEDER is here to resolve these issues!! Call us today at (817) 683-9430 to order yours.

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